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WooCommerce Subscriptions paid extension This extension lets you create subscription products, which can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can upload the. Once you activate them, many will ask for your WooThemes license code — which allows you to get automatic updates for all your extensions. I regularly tweak some of the base settings from pounds to US dollars, and from metric measurements to US ones. Creating a subscription product is pretty straightforward. This is the screen to use to add any product in WooCommerce. But when you pick the product type, you want to select Subscription product.

Are you charging monthly? You get to decide. Also, look at the Groups tab, because you can now let WooCommerce know that when a person purchases this subscription, they automatically go into a group. And when they terminate the subscription, they get bounced from the group. This will give you the ability to protect posts and pages that are only for your members.

All from that single subscription purchase. Now make sure to put in the price, name it and click save. Now we get to the good stuff. But to explain it, let me back up for a quick second and ask you a question. Maybe you pull the trigger. But what if I had other products beyond the subscription available in my store. You know: Now, if you want, you can scope the credit to only allow it to be used for certain products, certain product categories, or to exclude certain products or categories.

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That makes this a very versatile tool! And the most important part is way down at the bottom of the configuration screen — where you determine when it will expire. You set it to expire within a month. So this particular coupon will only be good for the month that they just paid for. Then it goes away. That protects you from people who try to store them all up there are always people who do that. It also gives them a natural incentive to come back and use it. The last step is to automate the process for sending out these coupons. Then click the box below it that tells WooCommerce to send it every month, as the membership renewal happens.

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This means 30 days for some months April, June etc. If a monthly subscription is created on the 15th of February, the next payment will be charged on the 15th March. If the billing interval for a subscription is every 2 months and it is created on the 15th of February, the next payment will be charged on the 15th April. If a subscription is purchased on the last day of the month, recurring payments will continue to be charged on the last day of the month. This system will also be used if the day a payment is normally charged is not the last day of the month, but it is on the 29th or 30th day of the month, and the next payment is due in February, which has no 30th day and no 29th day in non-leap years.

This logic ensures that a payment is made every month, and therefore, that one year includes 12 payments. Unfortunately, the above only applies to subscriptions where WooCommerce Subscriptions controls the billing schedule. When creating a subscription with PayPal, PayPal takes control of the schedule for charging recurring payments payments.

PayPal also batch processes payments, meaning that they do not process payments exactly when they are due. Instead, PayPal will process a payment within 24 hours of when the payment is due. For example, if a recurring payment is due at 2pm on 1st July, PayPal may charge that payment anytime between WooCommerce Subscriptions creates an order to record each renewal payment. Each of these orders has the subscription product as an item on the order so when the order is processed, the stock for that item will be reduced. This allows for accurate inventory management for physical products that need to be shipped each billing period.

After the first renewal a week later, the stock will be reduced by one again, leaving 98 widgets. A week later, the subscription will renew a second time and stock will be reduced again, leaving 97 widgets. If you do not want inventory to be reduced for all renewal orders, you can use the free WooCommerce Subscriptions — Do Not Reduce Stock on Renewal plugin. When a store manager or customer suspends a subscription, all payments will stop for the period the subscription is suspended. When a subscription is reactivated, the payment schedule will continue as it did before the subscription was suspended.

The payment schedule is not changed based on the amount of time the subscription has been suspended. For example, if a customer buys a monthly subscription product on the 1st of January, then suspends their subscription on February 12th, they will not pay anything until they reactivate it. If the customer reactivates the subscription on May 22nd, the next payment will be charged on 1st of June, because that is the original billing date the subscription was started.

WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you as the store manager to set a limit on the number of times a subscriber can suspend or reactivate their subscription, or to prevent suspension completely on the settings page. A list of the emails WooCommerce Subscriptions sends, and information on how to customize those emails, is included in the Store Manager Guide. However, sites with less traffic may find scheduled payments are charged at an unacceptable length of time after it was due.

To ensure a schedule payment is run within 5 seconds of the time and date it is due, there are two options:. It is only required for those extensions, like Stripe and Authorize. WooCommerce Subscriptions can sync the subscription status between PayPal and your store. To enable this feature, you must configure PayPal as explained here. If you or your customer suspends or cancels a subscription in your WooCommerce store, it will also notify PayPal that the subscription should be suspended or cancelled.

This means both you and your customers can manage subscriptions without ever having to log into PayPal. If a customer suspends or cancels a subscription with PayPal directly, you site will also sync the status change as long as it receives a notification via the PayPal IPN. Unfortunately, PayPal handles subscriptions for 1 billing period e.

Because the payments are not on-going, PayPal thinks it can end the subscription as soon as it begins. This means PayPal will also send you as the store manager and the customer an email to say the subscription has been cancelled as soon as it was created. Fortunately, WooCommerce Subscriptions handles the subscription properly — it will expire in your store only after the year has passed. The most likely cause of this is that WooCommerce has been upgraded to version 1. WooCommerce 1. This was fixed in Subscriptions version 1.

By default, the billing schedule for a subscription is based on the day the customer buys the subscription. If you want to align subscription payments, for example, to be charged on the first or last day of the month, regardless of when a customer signed up for a subscription, you can use the renewal synchronisation feature. WooCommerce Subscriptions calculates the recurring amount that a subscriber should be charged at the time the subscriber places an order. This amount is then stored against their subscription. All existing subscriptions will continue to be charged the old price by default.

To understand more about why this is the case, read over the Subscription Product vs Subscription Guide. Depending on the payment gateway you use on your site, it may be possible to manually delete then add a new subscription product to an order. Your customers can also upgrade or downgrade a subscription from the My Account page. Once an order has been paid, WooCommerce only sets the status of the order to completed if all the products purchased in the order are both digital and downloadable.

This is to help you manage shipping of physical items. Subscriptions conforms to the WooCommerce behaviour when setting order status. If you want the order status to automatically transition to completed after payment for a subscription, you need to set the subscription product as both digital and downloadable. Alternatively, you can use this free WooCommerce plugin to automatically mark all of your WooCommerce orders complete regardless of product type. Each subscription will be associated only with the site on which it is purchased.

Each user account will also only be created for the site where the customer purchased the subscription and created their account.

Subscriptions Store Manager Guide

If you want to share a user account with other sites in your network, try the handy and free Multisite User Management plugin. Out-of-the-box, PayPal Standard requires customers to already have a PayPal account or to create one when signing up for a subscription. If you want customers to be able to pay for subscriptions with just a credit card, you can add Enhanced Recurring Payments for PayPal Standard. Customers will automatically be presented with the option during checkout. If you are using your own translation i.

Give your Members a Perk - Coupons for Membership Subscriptions

The second of these options helps make your translation upgrade safe by preventing your language files from being deleted each time you upgrade the plugin. If you are not using your own languages files, WPML can be used to manage translations instead. There are occasionally issues, as seen from forum threads like this one , this one and this one , but all text in WooCommerce Subscriptions is passed through appropriate translation functions.

You may just need to rescan the plugin files until all strings are available in WPML. Subscriptions has also been verified as compatible by the WPML team. There are two great extensions which work with Subscriptions to allow your customers to name their own price. These are:. Both of these extensions can be used to add a text field on a subscription which allows the customer to enter their preferred donation amount. This the lowest possible price at which a customer can access a subscription. Subscriptions uses a general rule to determine the cheapest variation: Again, the 3rd option will be set as the lowest possible price because it has the cheapest initial price, free, for the longest period, 1 month.

For these examples, this method makes sense, but it might seem confusing when selling variations at different prices and different billing period.

Furthermore, if a customer only remains subscribed for 3 months, then they will pay a lower total price than the annual amount. Subscriptions will think these two prices are identical. As a result, it will determine the minimum price based on the last variation which it checked, which is the variation with the highest ID.

You may find when viewing the Manage Subscriptions page that some dates are displayed a few hours or more off the actual date. However, on rare occasions, some plugins will change the base timezone. WooCommerce 2. This setting allows you to set a time limit, after which an unpaid, pending order will be cancelled. When an order used to purchase subscription products is cancelled, the subscription or subscriptions associated with that order are also cancelled. This means the Hold stock setting can lead to unexpected cancellation of subscriptions. By default, WooCommerce will set the Hold stock setting value to 60 minutes.

If you customer does not pay for the parent order within one week, the renewal order will be cancelled. If you would like to provide your subscribers with a more or less generous payment period, just increase or decrease the time limit as needed.

Or leave the value blank to disable this feature completely. Subscriptions are only cancelled when a parent order is cancelled. A subscription will not be cancelled automatically if a renewal order is cancelled. Subscriptions allows you to create a product with a 2-tier price, by using a sign up fee. The product price does not allow for a 3-tier price to be input. However, it is still possible to have 3 tier prices. With Limited Payment Coupons , Subscriptions can have a 3-tier price where the price increases over the life cycle, as explained in the guide to 3-tier pricing with limited coupons.

To provide a price which decreases, or some other complex pricing tier system, the AutomateWoo extension can be used. These can be used to change the amount charged for the subscription at any stage during its lifecycle. If you create a subscription product with downloadable files associated with it, the customer will only have access to the files while their subscription is active. If the subscription has expired , is on-hold or has been cancelled , the customer will not be able to download the files associated with the subscription.

To learn how WooCommerce Subscriptions handles staging sites, please read the Guide to Subscription staging sites. The first option is most suitable when wanting to provide access to something e. The second option is most suitable when you want to ship the subscription product each month so you want an order to be generated to manage shipping.

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Combine one of these with a variable subscription and a billing period attribute , and you can allow the customer to choose whether they pay up-front or monthly. A better method to handle this situation is also a popular feature request. If you would like to see this added, please vote for that feature. When automatic payments are enabled, a customer must enter their payment details when signing up for the subscription, even if no initial payment is required.

This is so that future payments can be processed automatically. If you do not want to make customers enter their payment details when no initial payment is required, switch off automatic payments. When viewing subscriptions on the Manage Subscriptions screen, you may see an empty or phantom subscription. These subscriptions have no product name or order number and will have a large number of renewal orders. Phantom subscriptions like these were incorrectly created when changing the customer on a order in old versions of subscriptions. They can be removed in the current version of Subscriptions.

If you have the W3 Total Cache plugin active and are not seeing subscription renewals processed, please deactivate it. It is an excellent caching solution, but until the WP-Cron issues are properly diagnosed and fixed, it is not always compatible with Subscriptions. If you you need to use a caching plugin, try a well supported plugin like WP Rocket. You can find this in the Subscriptions Roadmap here.

Creating a Sticky Membership Site

This is because PayPal Standard requires a subscription price the a3 parameter to be set and to be greater than 0. WooCommerce Subscriptions will allow you to do this however as it will pass the initial purchase to PayPal as a one-off purchase and then process the renewals on its own. Disabling the old payment gateway will prevent it from being offered as an option on checkout for new customers, but as long as the payment gateway extension is still active as a WordPress plugin , it will be able to handle recurring payments.

For example, to switch from using Stripe to Authorize. WooCommerce Subscriptions is able to process automatic subscriptions payments with PayPal using the eCheck payment method. There are slight differences to how the subscription will be handled with an Instant Payment method, like Credit Card or bank transfer. The way it will work is:. However, you may also wish provide existing subscribers with access to new files.

WooCommerce Subscriptions provides two options to handle this situation. You can either provide access to new files:. The first of these options is the default behaviour in Subscriptions, while the second can be enabled with the setting to drip downloadable content. There are a variety of solutions that can be used to notify subscribers prior to their next renewal payment:.

This will not work with PayPal or payment gateways which manage the billing schedule. It will work with Stripe, Authorize. Out-of-the-box Subscriptions allows you to charge a recurring payment on a billing interval of i. If you want to charge payments on a different billing period, it is also possible to add your own with a little bit of code. You can change the 10 to any number you require and install it as a plugin on your site. The price displayed for a subscription product and order totals for a subscription order can be customized by plugins.