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Using this software, for the first time ever, it was possible for professionals and businessmen to use their home compute from office or office computer from home. The software was an instant hit and LogMeIn became a recognized name —at least among the IT professionals and managers. The company has grown at meteoric rates in the last decade. There are over million devices today that use LogMeIn softwares today. These include desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

LogMeIn has a high data traffic rates and to deal with those, there are five state of the art secure data centers at undisclosed locations in America and Europe. LogMeIn Pro allows you to access all of you devices —as they are — from anywhere in the world that has internet connection. You can remotely edit, add or even delete unwanted files to manage your work in a more efficient and tech-savvy way.

LogMeIn Rescue is a remotely controlled helpdesk and troubleshooting software. LogMeIn Hamachi is a virtual private network and anonymous browsing software package that lets you use the internet without being susceptible to snooping or targeted advertising. LogMeIn Backup is a data backing up software for both personal and professional use. It allows the users to back up unlimited size of data on LogMeIn servers so that it can be stored securely and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, any time. Cubby is one of the newest LogMeIn ventures.

All of the LogMeIn software packages can be purchased at heavily discounted rates using the latest LogMeIn coupon code that is available on our website Chameleonjohn. LogMeIn is one of the leading SaaS companies that deal with remote access, cloud computing and data security. Get Coupon Code. I am a person who only uses Hamachi for casual gaming, and this does affect me.

I will now need to find an alternative method. But you should realise this is not a great way to produce satisfied, loyal customers. My servers just will not work at all, they were working perfectly fine before the update and now they just never show up as Online for people who wish to join. Simply put, if you are running the old version as the host then the people who want to play with you can be running the newest version or whatever they want.

Just log in to http: Then fire up the older version google search it, super easy and voila! First 5 slots, counting yourself, are free. Can I easily move the license from an old machine to new hardware if the old one packs it in, without having to buy a new copy? I understand your need to be able to maintain and enhance the service down the road. Operations, maintenance and development do have a cost. I do not consider it unreasonable for you to ask us as users to absorb some of that cost.

The price you are asking does not seem unreasonable. But I also understand Hamachi is used as a feeder product to help sell your LogMeIn products and services. As such, I do not expect us as users of Hamachi, to bear the entire cost. Why up till now have you not made any effort to keep the community informed of changes to the service?

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Reductions in number of allowed computers per network were implemented with no advance notice on more than one occasion. Making changes to a service without notice is very poor business practice. I only found out about the most recent changes today, as I happened to be updating Hamachi on a couple of my systems. You do have e-mail addresses for most of us? Yet I have never received a single e-mail from you. You also have the capability to pop up a message on our clients machines like I saw today , but this has never been done in the past either to my recollection.

Again your past lack of communication makes me suspect. I expect much better communication than in the past. Just coming clean about your past transgressions would be a major step forward. The ball is in your hands. I got the message clear and loud when they decided to decrease the number of clients and happily moved over to openvpn.

Your current model is going to price it out of competition. According to their website https: I have over clients and 8 servers where Hamachi is in use. This is not going to be a small change for us and now I have less than 24hours to try and mitigate the issue. Thanks a lot. After using Hamachi for years, since it was first released, I unfortunately will most likely be moving to another solution to satisfy my needs.

Give me the dummy version of what this means is happening to her ability to access our computer. Dummy version: If something is critical to your business, get a professional to do it. Sure there were free options, but they had issues. One very large competitor, they had a DOA installer for windows on their site for 4 days before I notified them and they quickly replaced it.

Its bad QA like that that will sink your business if you rely on the smaller mickey mouse competitors. There are other competitors with more features, but they also have more bugs that go on long time without attention. Bugs irritate the hell out of me. A lot of the competitors rely on you providing your own machine or generate your own keys or whatever. Running windows, requiring a reboot at least once a month, already becomes higher downtime per month than Hamachi has.

Some require you to handle your own NAT and port forwarding. That is a lot of work and hassle. As a working person, I value my personal time. The hassle to roll your own comes at its own cost in money and time and hassle. I did lose about 3 weeks of my annual subscription, but it was worth it. Should we also nominate them to the Hall of Shame in the same category as well? Yes pretty cheesed off. I was already on the paid version, after restarting everything on the network web server and all checking all the network adaptors are showing the new IP address … hamachi is now completely useless.

One poster suggested removing opendns which I have done. I called support who sent me a useless email with the original announcement on. Had OpenDNS issues this morning, whitelisted hamachi. With only 30 minutes before the policy change I have no idea whether it affects me or not! This machine never goes to sleep or locks itself out unless the power is out, and the UPS runs down. When working offsite, I connect establish a client-server connection using the Hamachi IP of the server.

After the switchover all my connections are suddenly relayed and hella slow…. This feels like pestering me away. Run an IP config and see if your machine is really using the new The machine I am having a problem with says One thing I notice is that the default gateway is still 5. I had the same problem. I checked and installed a hamachi update and after that it worked fine. Quisiera saber que ventajas hay en esta version pagada sobre la gratuita? Que ganaria al pagar el servicio? Cabe resaltar que existen en el mercado muchos VPN gratuitos.

Terrible news. I havent been notifed of this change and now i have to make a drive for km to change the bluddy firewall because of this change. Fuck this i will never pay for a service like this. I spoke too soon. There is another change to the client that has nothing to do with whether or not the client can be started as a service. As soon as I end a remote desktop connection with the remote computer it kills the hamachi connection.

That is new behavior. Holy tamale, hundreds of paying users have to be manually touched to change our IP database pointer to start with Hundreds of people, I have to get on their computers and support them!! This has made a complete chaos today! A lot of downtime! Daniel, I just want to let you know that you are not alone!

We have over client computers and I am having to connect to each machine to change the SQL pointers. Does LogMeIn think that only gamers are using this solution? Did they even begin to think of the workload they created for their loyal customers, database companies that pay and support them through their client base? I have hundreds more to go. None of them received anything saying that the 5 was changing to The first message they had was today regarding the default gateway. Not a single word of this before it happened, other than this blog.

An e-mail blast, at the very least should have gone out to all paying customers, at least 60 days ago, so that we could all be prepared for what you did to us. This is crazy!! Especially for paying clients, not enough warning. Not a smooth transition. On top of that mine is still not working as it should although in theory everything is correct hopefully by tomorrow everything will be working as it should again.

I realize that the service went away for free customers, but is RDP disabled as well? I am unable to RDP to any of my connections. With the comment of yesterday I thought you were just a bunch a bad commercial people.. People will not forget it…. Could there have been advance email warning? Not emailing advance notice was a pretty terrible idea as you can see from all the IP issues. On machines with this problem, they would not ever get notice in advance. So you have the people upset with the service reduction, and there are are those of us upset with the lack of advance notice.

I can understand the need to charge for services and do not think the free business model works that well in the long run. Its likely intentional that Logmein intentionally did not provide advance notice, so people will quickly pay instead of working on alternative arrangements. Will try a restart in the morning. The simple oversight regarding the gateway not changing in the adapter settings is inexcusable. I think this warrants refunds or discounts from LogMeIn. Incredible ineptitude. The least you could do is post a tutorial about how to change the gateway via the netsh command.

As for changing the Hamachi adapter via Windows Network Location Management, that unfortunately has to be handheld because there is NO scriptable way to do this! You formatted for 5. In closing, personally I still love your product and what it does.

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After the change my data bank of computers went offline in China. And many of my customers went offline. CEO says to dump this company right away. Any suggestions on alernatives? Hamachi is killing us, with no warning to plan for this. Crazy company! Have you talked to Tech support? That may not be necessary if you just need connectivity and not an elaborate routing setup with IPs.

I was checking in on a few clients tonight, and if they took the update to 2. I wonder if Tech Support can manually push the update, speeding up the recovery process.. In the end I never got to see what our company decided to do.

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I got fired over this mess. None of my guys had seen the pop-up note. Once again, thanks to Hamachi for getting me fired! Damn, that really sucks. You may have a wrongful dismissal case, unless you were the one to come up with the solution of using Hamachi for business critical services instead of implementing direct VPN.

You could also say the problem was the ineffective team in China not able to get things running. Can you show them the comments from this blog to persuade them to take you back? It was NOT your fault and I think you can prove that easily. I have to admit that when I saw your post about having to go to China, it made me feel a little better about having to log into every one of machines to change the IP pointer.

I think there is a lawsuit for you, in these blog comments! Hint, hint. I wonder if LMI will be liable for damages. Definitely keeping this post on my spotlight. Second that. Final step is to remove Hamachi completely and then re-install the clients across the network.

Considering they are aiming the paid business market, they certainly have badly damaged their reputation here massively.. This is annoying. The first I hear about this is today after all these changes have taken place and only due to a message that popped up after my client updated itself today. I agree with a lot of the posters above. Been using hamachi since before it was bought by LMI, and was assured at the time that the product will always remain free for casual use. You really need to keep your free products free and not remove access to something and then expect users to pay to get that feature back.

They are still unable to ping each other. Of course all gateways etc were automatically installed with the correct gateway on re-installation of adaptor etc. If your clients are Windows 7, and the NLA assigned them as unknown or public, as many of mine did, it could be the firewall rules applied to that network location. When I reassign them as private, mine all started pinging again. Hope this helps. Thanks Jack … man.. I was sure that would be the solution…sounded like just the ticket. On both server and client I changed to it to Private and Home from network and sharing centre on win 7 client I restarted both hamachis… disabled and enabled the adaptors for good measure.

I also disabled the firewall on both for a minute just to rule that out as well as — still no cigar. Final thing to try is another restart — but will have to wait until later. You know, the thing that bugs me the most is the lack of communication around this change. So if anyone can suggest some good alternatives that are easy to setup and manage and allow for direct p2p connections without needing a relay, then please let me know.

I am looking at either LAN Bridger or privatetunnel. I think I will have a hard time finding something as simple and effective as Hamachi, but I cannot, on principle, support a company who does this kind of thing to their PAYING customers! Keep up the great work! We already have other work scheduled, this was not implemented in a standard technology way. Those of us who are mostly upset by this are paid clients who have been given a massive workload by LMI. And, I should add that with decent warning, this would still have been a huge issue, but the warning would have helped with staffing on a HOLIDAY week!!

Now My cliente will think twice about paid again for hamachi license. And to really push this Fail into territory that compels one to add dramatic qualifiers such as Epic, Monumental, Sweeping, and Complete, you decided to push this change while Mercury is in Retrograde.

Changes to Hamachi on November 19th

A friend and i played the day before yesterday — no problems. I succesfully setup OpenVPN server on my router and configured to work exactly like hamachi did. Works great and I dont have to rely on untrustable company anymore. You could do the same thing using Hamachi but I am not having my clients purchase Hamachi anymore. How is the support and responsiveness of the guys at OpenVPN? Better and more reliable than Logmein, I suppose? I wanted to let you know that I was not contacted by logmein regarding this change and had 30 phone calls of clients that could not connect to their server or run their applications remotely, resulting in downtime and lost productivity I had no idea of the problem and just by chance I saw the IP address change.

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To say the least my clients who use Hamachi are very upset with me and I in turn are very upset with your company. I should have been contacted by email or phone for a change of this magnitude. My clients that were affected by this pay me several thousand dollars a month and are not happy. Hopefully they will understand that this was not my fault. I will be looking for an alternative solution for their VPN as I cannot afford and my clients cannot afford these types of incidents.

Why did you not email customers about this IP change? We are a paying customer and have been for a number of years now. We pay for the service because we rely on it, and to not get advance notice of this change is really poor practice. When the IP address changed our entire order entry system went down because we rely on using Hamachi for our remote sites to communicate back to our server. It took the better part of a day to get everything back up and running, costing me an entire day of staff time and slowing down our order process.

This is not the kind of customer service I expect from a company of your size. We would have certainly been better prepared had we received this notice via email when you posted it. I condone all the dissatisfaction here — free or paid users — I paid for Hamachi some time ago, long before the company had been bought by logmein. Who could trust a company after such a major screwup like this? The real ones probably left with the takeover. Engineers do not release software or plan the release. Managers do. You can see from his initial message it should be a few minutes and painless.

Bottom line, its poor management that allows this debacle. A blog post? They could have made the switch over notice there and that would have reduced the problems. There should be someone at Logmein preparing a report of all the things they did wrong so they can learn from them. Maybe a future CTO replacement. Utterly astounded and just… speechless that noone from Logmein has bothered to a apologise for the lack of communication to paying customers prior to the changes being applied b apologise for the gateway balls-up, c respond to anything written here d respond to direct emails regarding this issue.

I want to work with that person to give them a list of paying clients and receive the forwarded proof of their prior communication. They did not send out any emails. They did not make it visible to the web login account. If they are going to claim they did do a mass email but some glitch prevented it from getting to customers, the utter lack of feedback and responses the following day would have been clue enough. I am also not upset about the pricing, just the lack of notice and preparation, and then the handling lack there of how poorly this was handled.

When Dropbox had a security breach through a coding error on their password authentication, they came right out and documented the problem, so that they could show they learned from this mistake and took steps to prevent that from ever occurring again. Someone needs to do that with Hamachi, but I think that person was fired already and no one wants to step into the shoes with this shit storm. Day two of technology hell is coming to an end. My head is exploding from the stress of taking care of my clients who were all taken down by this. I paid the fee but now nothing works.

I even created an entirely new network and re-installed everything and nothing is working. This is not cool LMI. When you force people to pay, you should at least make sure it is going to work. I want a refund…. This is where I am. Have been a paying customer for months. I have re-installed everything,with a new network. All gateways are correct…. I have spent hours fiddling with this, Prior to this hamachi — always — just — worked. The payment thing is non issue for me — the service disruption is what is pissing me off.

We relied on this to securely control access to server resources. Although monday was a total write off. For some here the issue is so much bigger than that. Where is the LMI response? Any chance we could get some customer service here,. This whole debacle has been… interesting… to observe. I smell a class-action lawsuit in the works. Adding to the story. I used hamachi to backup photos and documents to my friends computers and they did the same to mine. Needless to say. This has been crippled. Sad to see this slowly fade away. Been using hamachi since it was 50 users..

Then 8… Then 5… Now not working as unattended service…. I too, spoke warmly of LogMeIN. If you need any remote serviceassistance tool. Go for them. If you need an fast easy private cloud. Use them.. After this experience — This has changed into.

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They change without informing properly. I found a work around to the unattended problem. Go into the settings and disable automatic updates, then uninstall and go install version 2. Just… wow. I only knew Hamachi from multiplayer gaming — I had no idea Hamachi was used professionally by so many users and in such large setups with thousands of users.

Does anyone know of a reliable VPN functionality that is similar to Hamachi? Does Citrix have 1? Thank God. Might I add that I am okay with a paid service.

Try neorouter. Either you host your own server for free or you pay them to have them host it. Supports windows, linux, mac os, android, ios, openwrt…. I tried every trick with metric I know. Of course I have new default gateway on What can I do? My first alert to problems was the hundreds of hits to my firewall in the 25 instead of 5 range. Reading above about the monumental impact on paid subscribers, particularly noting the lack of notice, lack of planning, and lack of response from LMI, I also will no longer be recommending LMI services to any of my clients.

Going OPENvpn now. LogMeIn has finally killed Hamachi. Took them a few years, but this appears to be the final nail in the coffin. A technology with so much promise, ruined by a company who thinks giving users certain functionality and then pulling back that exact same functionality and asking users to pay to have it reinstated is a good business model. Hey Mr.

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Smarty CTO Guy — maybe if you developed your product a little, you could justify charging more for it rather than resting on the code base you purchased like 6 years ago. Pretty much ever since LogMeIn started bastardizing it, actually. Which is a shame. Such a promising product. Thank you for this. They use 5. Do you think there is a chance that they will do what Hamachi is doing and change to another IP schema without notice? Have you used them a long time? Have they had good support and planning?

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this and perhaps save you some additional headache. Unite is a free product with pretty much zero support. So, even a PAID product can bite you in the ass if the company is not executing changes in an intelligent manner. Additionally, I have taken that money that I would have spent on Hamachi and invested it in a fantastic management console called Bozteck VENM Console that does everything and more that the Hamachi interface allowed like simple reporting, exports, and remote script execution. Definitely worth checking into. My issue is that my client base uses Hamachi at each of their locations and they are all small businesses, usually running from a base in a home office.

My husband is trying to write an application to update the IP address, inside our SQL db, to fix the issue created and I hope to have it this afternoon. I appreciate your feedback on Comodo. I do see that the initial setup that I ran indicated it is only free for non-commercial use so I have reached out to them to find out what the cost is for commercial use and if there is an increased support and reliability based on purchasing the commercial licenses. If Comodo is on their game, they will take this door opened for them.

Your creating an even less useful ,by limiting it as a service, has always been your failure. Too bad that your plan is to even further reduce the functionality of your fabulous infrastructure for the casual user. You look like you are continuing to make stupid market decisions and that your infrastructure will melt away because no New Customers will try it — you are forcing the competition to thrive.

Instead you could be offering scale of economy and everyone would be using it, licensing it, embedding it, making clients for it. I hope you are betting on being purchased by somebody with money and brains. Software as a service? Nahh, snoo. Guess what? They grandfathered in anyone who was already established in that tier. Good bye, Hamachi. Thus you are not getting a cent from me and you can kiss my butt. Anyway, can you tell me what are those other VPN solutions? One that I think would be easy for you and is free for non-commercial use is Comodo Unite at http: Way to screw up.

Even your paying customers are having problems. So long….