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Cant belive I am finally here in Berlin.

Good trip after a very long time, and I must say it was totally worth it. Loving Berlin, super trip. Loved Berlin a lot, I think I loved it most out of all the places that we were in in the country. Love the atmosphere, and gotta admit it, the Germans love their beer they do. Was part of many a small fests where beer flowed like water. Addicted to the stuff. We got a package from HolidayMe for cheap since it was a last minute trip for us. Even then it was well planned and well executed. A trip worth everything after a long time.

Germany is a superb place for a vacation. Love its sense of history, and the people are just so friendly and welcoming that u scarcely feel as if u r in another country.

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Food is superb, and I think I cannot live without their sausages for breakfast any more. Loving the feels the the country gives me. I got a good package from HolidayMe, it was not very cheap, but since it was well managed and well planned dont mind paying the extra few bucks.

Good trip for my family, who have become fans of Germany now that they have been here. This was our first experience with HolidayMe, and I am glad to say that it was a good one. Enjoyed a lot on this Euro trip.

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It was well planned, right from the flight to the pick up at Frankfurt airport, to the quick check in at the hotel. The hotel itself is a great one, and staff is quite friendly thanks to an Indian concierge here. Smart thinking by HolidayMe, putting us up here. Cant wait to start exploring the rest of the countries. Lovely lovely trip to Europe by HolidayMe, best was Germany where we stayed the longest in Frankfurt… cant say where we had enjoyed ever this much so this was the best trip for foodies like us. We pigged out on so many sausages….

This is my second trip to Germany, and I must say I am enjoying a lot. Just like last time, this time too I took a package from HolidayMe, and it was as usual perfect.

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The team there helps out with all questions, and I have a lot of them. The hotel this time was a little rundown though, but still serviceable. Other than that, it was a good, good trip, with lots of sausages and beer. Looking forward to coming back next year. Well, Germany was awesome. Their culture really impressed me. Very friendly people. Made many friends from all over the world in Germany. Berlin was very nice, but Munich was the best for sure. The hotel was great except for the lift being repaired for most of my stay. Had to take to the stairs most times, but over all the hotel was good.

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Staff was friendly, and their food is to die for. Hope that HolidayMe will give me another cheap package for Germany when I come back during Oktoberfest. Looking forward to returning to one of the best places in the whole world.

One of the major destinations in Europe, and the most populous country in the European Union, Germany has a vast territory stretching from the Baltic Sea and the North Sea in the north, to the Alps in the south. Apart from the magnificent countryside, the splendid peaks, quaint castles and unforgettable beer halls, Germany is renowned for its classical music, diverse art, the gorgeous medieval architecture, German cuisine, as well as literature and philosophy.

The climate here is temperate, with cool, wet winters and summers, and sporadic warm mountain winds. By , most of the German states were unified into the German Empire. A federal republic since , the head of the government is the Chancellor, who is elected by the Bundestag lower house.

Though, German is the official and most widely-spoken language, other minority dialects like Danish, English, French and Sorbic are spoken too. Great News! UK - England. Czech Republic. Black forest. Vatican City. Hook of Holland Ferry. Zell am See. Show Sub Themes. World Wars. History Of Romance. Religious History.

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Seven Wonders of the World. Sightseeing Cruise. Historical Buildings. Open Bus Tour. Bollywood Locations. Walking Tours. Museums and Galleries. Fairy Tale Towns. Scenic Drives. Lake Cruises. Mountains and Rivers. Cave Adventure. Wonder Bus. Kids Special. Theme Parks. Chocolate Factory.

Eiffel Tower. Palaces and Gardens. Castles and Forts. Unique Buildings. Churches and Cathedrals.

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Budget Range. Duration of Travel. Month of Travel From: Send An Inquiry Tour. Domestic International. Connect With Us On. Destination Video. Here is a list of destination you should explore on your Germany Tour: Yet, at its heart, Frankfurt is unexpectedly traditional and charming city. Explore this epic attraction with our Germany holiday tours.